The story | The magic

Skin Nectar was born on a cold snowy London street as I was trudging along shielded from the flurries by my woollen coat – secured at a bargain price from a vintage boutique.  I was convinced that the only thing that could lift my depleted spirits would be a nice long hot soak in the tub and I yearned for the fresh, revitalising air of my home village in the heart of the Cotswolds. I wanted to infuse said tub, with something that was relaxing, therapeutic and fragrant, something that would bring me closer to the plants and flowers of summer and of the countryside.

On finding nothing in any of the usual high street shops I decided to create a range of bath oils made from pure essential oils distilled directly from nature herself.

Having grown up around these essences I am aware not only of the therapeutic benefits, but also the ethereal scent.  My mother was one of the first wave of aroma therapists of the 80’s and was trained at the London school of Aromatherapy under Patricia Davis who was - and continues to be a leader in the field.

Instead of a first aid kit we had wooden boxes full of powerful plant essences in our medicine cupboard and my mother blends the oils to assist in her beauty regime to this day.  I always steal a few drops from the glass bottle that sits in her bathroom and the precious oils smell divine and transform my skin in seconds.

Together we began to blend modern versions of traditional preparations and have created a range of oils for face, body bath and massage.  These oils are a sure way to dewy, youthful, radiant skin... I hope you enjoy the results…