Soothing Balm 50g
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Soothing Balm 50g

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Vegan friendly, this Balm is made with 100% organic ingredients. Packed with shea butter, Almond butters and jojoba oil, it melts into the skin to soothe, calm and heal.  This Balm was made especially for eczema sufferers but is also brilliant for very dry or sore skin, or even just for those who love the calming smell of lavender and chamomile.

To use an an effective and hydrating cleansing balm massage into skin before removing with a warm flannel or muslin cloth. 


This oil is one of the most wonderful flower oils available.  This oil speeds up the healing of broken or inflammed skin.
Comforting and familiar, not to mention anti-bacterial and anti-viral, everything is made better with a little lavender!


Incredibly gentle and soothing, the oil collected from these daisy like blooms, is invaluable in cases of stressed skin.