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The facial oil range 

Precious flower oils for luminous skin 

"Meditation in a bottle"

Hand blended in England by expert 


"It sinks into your skin, and feels cleaner than a cream"

 Kate Boat 

"This is a brilliant luxury product, highly recommended"

Jessica Johnson

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The Rejuvenator

Mature skin

This liquid moisturiser contains essential oils of Rose and Frankincense to deeply moisturise and stimulate rejuvenation, effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The Skin is energised and hydrated.

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The Hydrator

This oil provides intensive moisture for dehydrated skin. Essential oils of Sandalwood and Neroli dramatically reverse dehydration and provide a much needed shot of vitamin C. The Skin is energised, hydrated and comfortable.

Dehydrated skin

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The Balancer

Normal skin

This balancing elixir contains the three most precious oils known to man. Worth more than their weight in gold, these oils work together to drench the skin in moisture, vitamins and minerals, bringing incredible luminosity to the skin.

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The Rescuer

Sensitive skin

A gentle, powerful oil providing relief for highly sensitive and breakout prone skin, Chamomile calms and protects whilst Ylang Ylang balances. Stressed skin is instantly soothed and supported back to full health.

100 % pure Natural


Cruelty Free

Cruelty free

Highest grade essential oils

Highest grade essential oils

Vegan impurity free

Impurity free



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The secret of Skin Nectar by Venita Machnicki

Love Story's

 Janette Grindle

I've been using the mature skin face oil for a few weeks.
Normal face creams don't settle into my skin properly because I sweat easily so they just sit there like a greasy film on my face. 
I find the oil soaks straight in and even if I sweat it doesn't come back out again.
I have dry skin but only find I have to use it once a day as it's so effective and i'm really glad of the fact it's all natural. Plus it smells lush!